Trapp For Columbia

Paid for by Trapp for Columbia--Robbie Price, Treasurer
© Paid for by Trapp for Columbia, Robbie Price, Treasurer

Vote April 3rd, Re-elect Mike Trapp

Election Night Watch Party!

After voting, come out to watch the results come in.

At The Roof, Broadway Hotel 111 E Broadway

Tuesday at 7 PM!

Vote Trapp for Ward 2 City Council 

Banner photo”Columbia Reflection” © Notley Hawkins
© Paid for by Trapp for Columbia--Robbie Price Treasurer
Paid for by Trapp for Columbia--Robbie Price, Treasurer

Trapp For Columbia

Ward 2 City Council

Banner Photo: “Columbia Reflection” ©  Notley Hawkins

Vote April 3rd!

Re-elect Mike Trapp


Thank you, friends--both old and new--for your tireless efforts on behalf of the Second Ward and the City of Columbia. I look forward to continuing to serve the people of Columbia with diligence, compassion, and good humor. I am honored that the voters have given me this opportunity to give back to the community that I love. As I begin this re-election campaign in earnest, let’s talk. Watch for me in your neighborhood as I try to build consensus around three simple themes. Number one: Livable Streets. Neighborhood life rests on a platform of adequate infrastructure, sidewalks on busy streets and traffic calming, where necessary, so folks enjoy being in their front yards, creating more “eyes on the street” and improving public safety. In past campaigns, I also talked about "cooperative" and "responsive" governance, both of these are integral parts of "good governance". As a citizen of the Second Ward, you should expect to have your voice heard and your needs addressed. As your City Council representative, that’s my job! Lastly is a focus on the future. I will work in a calm and deliberate manner avoiding rash decisions and costly mistakes. I will make every decision with future generations in mind so that we hand off the city to our children better than we found it. I am proud of the work that we have done so far, but governing a city is a job that never ends. Please help me move the goal forward, won’t you?

Yard Signs will be going up all around the 2nd

Ward soon!

If you would like to place one in your yard, sign up here. (Click the image for a larger view.)
yard sign